Colorado licensing

I am just wondering on the status of inspectors in Colorado required to be licensed?

I think all you have to do is send just under an ounce of Acapulco Gold to Nachi headquarters and your in…Welcome to the new COLORADO!

Yep, weed is legal here now. Now all we have to do is outlaw that killer drug (alcohol) and Colorado will be awesome. We also need to shut down that scam state lottery that only pays out 50 cents on every dollar and instead let private bookies run our number games.

The last I heard there is a State Senator that will introduce a bill sometime this session. For more detailed information you might want to contact James Krumm @

No, smoking dope and inspecting is okey dokey with your state!

Do you really need to be licensed? I guess it would be in you guys interest to gather around the camp fire, smoke some dope and invite your elected leaders to see your point of view (from your point of view).

If you don’t, don’t complain when you look like Texas (or Florida) that can’t seem to control their population (only their Real Estate Controlled Home Inspectors)…

We don’t need no stinking license!

Now, what did I do with that sign? :roll: