I will be in Colorado in a couple of months (Sept./Oct.) and wanted to know if it were ok for me to stop by the interNACHI headquarters and possibly meet up with some inspectors while I’m out there?

Let me know if interested or available?


Heck yes. If you want, you can hang out with me for the day. I’ll buy all you (and your spouse and kids) can eat. We can talk inspections if you like. Call me when you get in. My cell: (720) 272 8578.

I will take you up on that offer!!!:mrgreen:

My wife has a convention for her job; however, I would love to the pick the brain of the NACHI founder.


I will call a couple of days before traveling to confirm with you.

Sounds good. You’ll gain 10 pounds hangin’ with me for the day.


That’s not good for me. I just put myself on a strict diet and exercise regiment. I’m sure that will go right down the drain once in Colorado. lol

I might suggest you limit yourself to less than two weeks at the International Nachi headquarters unless you have a personal training program in effect. You might find it hard to keep up with the Meister…