Column addition to support LVL

I noticed this column with an addition to support what I think is a major LVL. My concern is that the addition to the column, even though it’s welded in place, is a possible point of failure. I’m not a structural specialist and this may totally fine, but I’d like to get a second opinions if possible. I’ve attached photos from a couple of angles. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! - Tony

Is there a flat plate spanning the full width of the beam with lags to hold it in place? It’s not clear in the pictures. Also the tops of the beams should be connected to prevent lateral separation.

Hey Michael, There is a flat plate, but I didn’t see any lag bolts. I also didn’t notice the tops of the beam; my bad.

Example narrative:

Lacking connections from (column to floor?), column to beam, beam to bean, etc., I recommend a structural engineer assess the beams to columns joints for adequacy and structural integrity of the floor, beam and column system for safety.

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I’m not okay with that metal angle-shelf part of the metal column holding up the LVL beam. Needs SE stamp of approval.

I’ve built commercial buildings with similar structural elements but the plate on the bottom spanned the full width and came up the sides enough for lag bolts or through bolts at the bottom and 1/4" thick plates at the top “sandwiching” the beams with through bolts. The gusset would be strong enough if it’s welded properly.
I would go with what Larry said, and add having the SE advise a “repair”.