Beam Support Concern

During a recent inspection I noticed two beam support methods that just don’t seem right. It’s in a 650,000 sq.ft building.

Pic #1 the beam rests on just slightly more than 1/3 of the wall plate and has been this way for 25 years.

Pic #2 the beam rests on the tip of the wall plate and has been this way for six years.

Beam 1.JPG

Beam 2.JPG

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Would you mind sharing your conclusions?

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The first picture is not clear, so I will have to assumme the typical detail for such.

The wall angle clip that you see is usually installed for erection purposes and at times to supplement the bearing capacities for the beam.
Usually the beam would have a beam clip on the end and bolted to cast in place anchor bolts or drilled epoxy bolts.
If this wall clip was designed to carry the load, it is wrong.

If this wall clip was designed to supplement the bolted connection to the concrete it is wrong.

If installed as an erection aid, it is still wrong in placement.

The second picture is a stabilizer clip for a girder bar joist.

It is in the wrong placement for doing it’s job as a lateral stabilizer as it was designed for.
Those do not usually get welded. They are meant to provide stability and allow movement under load.

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It appears that there is also not 100% bearing of the beam to the support. That is an automatic issue