Column defect in crawlspace

Found two columns like this under a 2006 stick framed house. Nice house overall, some floors squeaking. Wanted to get some opinions on what you think of this. Thanks

I guess it wasn’t needed for support at the time of inspection, was it?LOL

Have 3 200lb people stand above it :slight_smile: If anything, there is going to be some squeaking noise. Did the floor above seem bouncy? did you move your body up and down as you tested the floor?

I really wonder what was done to cause that concrete to appear to be pulling down like that. Seems like that is a bunch of movement in only 15 years.

Floors did not seem to be bouncy. I suppose this would be due to a soil issue, and to refer to an engineer

Ha, I think that would be good wording for the report, realtor friendly lol

I was not realtor friendly when I was inspecting and I will not write the narrative for something that obvious. Beams don’t camber up over time.

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So what’s the fix? shim it? should it be?

What else would you do? If in fact, it settled, it probably equalized by now.
Use the right colum base, and it would be just right. 4 x 4 deck post base

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Proper column base, I agree. Then install a post cut to the right size.

On another note, maybe the load changed. Aquarium? Piano? Granite counters? Tile floor? etc.

The only way to tell if the footing has sunk is to put an eye on the beam and see if it is crowned up or down.

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Judging from this photo, I would say it settled a bit. There seem to be other issues also now that the photo is brighter.

Joke about the verbiage. I am curious as to what else you see with the brighter image.

That is an interesting thought about load change. There was nothing unusually heavy in the house at the time, but if it were still there then I probably wouldn’t of observed this.

It’s very common in my area to have pier blocks with either this metal bracket or a wooden block which is set into the poured concrete.

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Don’t know where you’re from, so requirements differ, but dangling insulation with a vapor retarder facing down. No vapor barrier on the dirt.

I did call out the insulation. I only recommend a vapor barrier is soil is damp, I don’t know of any requirement for it

Is that a true pier or a block? It took a fair amount of weight and/or force to bend those brackets and pull the bottom bracket loose from the pier. In any event, this is a no brainer recommendation for evaluation and correction.