Columns use the gravity and friction method

Is there any code which says that a column should be secured at the base? The wood 4x4s on this carport (an addition) were held in place by gravity and friction only…no fasteners at the base.

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Who cares about a code. You’re being paid for your opinion

First time the wife or kid bumps the post the roof falls down.

My thinking too.

Recommend securing carport posts, top and bottom, as needed to maintain structural integrity.

I would mark it up for safety as Michael said ,It is a small repair but a important one IMO

How do you know the columns don’t have internal pins locating them?

I kicked them and they moved.

There’s your answer Joe. The first time dad gets loaded and runs into after closing time, or a bunch of kids decide to swing around on it, it’s gonna fall. Safety issue, don’t worry about code.

Well, I figured if a 4x4 post gets a tap from the truck, even if secured, it will break. But everyone confirmed what I was thinking and I wrote it up as needing to be secured. Thanks.

BTW, you guys ever kick those hollow metal columns on the front porches of new homes? They wiggle around too.

Joe, IMO they should not only be secured, but also elevated of the patio area so moisture can’t wick into the post bottoms, there is a "Simpsons “strongtie” fitting which does both.



…or often, cast aluminum column bases are used, which look a little nicer than the Simpson product, and also anchor the column and allow it to ventilate. Difficult to retrofit, either, though.

There is in CA. . .

How do you know that they do (without invasive inspection)?

  • The posts are structural.
  • They do not have footings.
  • They are not secured from lateral forces.
  • All of which are easy to see without invasive inspection.

When in doubt, call it out. Put the burden of proof on the builder to PROVE it is right.

Not just to the MINIMUM standards of local codes.
Nuff said!


I missed that one.

Thanks, Gerry!

And in common sense.

Codes are BARE MINIMUM standards, and ONLY that.

Local buiding codes, ONLY, serve to answer one question, and ONLY one question only.

What is the BARE minimum standard that has to be met to get paid?

Posed by the builder.

Hope this helps;

Zackly…yes it is.