Combat Medic Became a Home Inspector

I Proudly served my country in The Virginia Defense Force and in The United States Army, as a Combat Medic. If you have ever served in the Military, had a loved one put their life on the line, and especially if you have worked in the medical field, then you need to listen to this song.

I have a lot of songs that could tell a story about my life, but as a former Combat Medic (DOC), this song hits home.

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I’ve been known for breaking the rules a time or two.

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Hey Michael,

How you been doing lately?
Things settled down on the home front?


 Thanks for asking. Yes, things are slowly looking up for me. I have both my daughter (Autumn) and my wife back with me. I am still living at a motel, because for now it's cheaper on me to live that way. My three stepchildren are still with their biological father. 

I haven’t seen my stepkids since October. On Christmas morning, I got to speak with each of them for a total of about 1 minute a piece. The 3 kids biological father kept them from going to school, until mid- January. The local school board called me wanting to why Chris, Jazz, and Cody wasn’t in school, that they were under the impression that I was still homeschooling all 4 children.

No Ma’am, I said. I am legally homeschooling my daughter (Autumn). I spoke with the kids father and told him that all 3 of the kids were coming back with me, if he didn’t have them in school, that following Monday. I have been slowly training for when the 2 of us fight, which Will probably happen.

I have been extremely busy teaching my daughter (Autumn) in both homeschool (THE ALTIZER ACADEMY) and getting her trained through InterNACHI. I’m slowly paying for the motel and buying me a tool every month from Lowe’s.

I am wearing myself down with all that I have going on. I get around 3-4 hours of sleep a night and I try to take 1 day off every 2 weeks.

I tested my daughter Autumn on her National Standardized Test, required by law, on 02/26/2015. We are waiting on her test results, as we speak. I am extremely hard on Autumn to a certain degree, because I want her to do her very best and at her full potential. Our slogan for homeschool: “You can never fail, as long as you never quit”.

I have spoke with a couple of home inspectors over the phone, like Larry Kage and Pete Cambell. I have also communicated with industry leaders both over the phone and by email.

I am changing my way of thinking when it comes to operating a Home Inspection business. I never was very thrilled about working with real estate agents and my business could have prospered, if I did. I didn’t enter this business to become rich. I entered into home inspection because I already had knowledge and experience in construction and remodeling.

I am glad that people like you Thomas, and other’s care enough to ask. I am building myself and my company up stronger than ever. I am going slow, because there are still people trying to cause me and my family, a lot of trouble. I’m still undecided on whether we stay in Virginia or head back to North Carolina.

I do have people coming up to me at Wal-Mart and McDonald’s, saying that they heard that I was dead and that they are glad that I’m alive. These same people know that I have been a home inspector, for nearly 20 years and want to know what’s going on. I see both anger and sadness on their faces, as I tell my story.

Stay safe and remember that I pray for my InterNACHI family, all of the time.