Combo co and gas detectors

Does anyone have the Tpi combo and combustible gas leak detector and would you recommend it.

The problem with any CO detector or combustible gas detector is two fold for the home inspector.
First you need to understand the meter and what it is reading. Of course a CO detector is reading carbon monoxide (but at what levels). A combustible gas detector is normally only calibrated to one gas, and you need to know what you are reading. Is it methane or propane, and are you reading a percentage of the LEL or are you reading a direct percentage in air? If the meter you are using is calibrated to methane and the home has propane, do you know the correction factor?
The other problem is keeping the devices calibrated on a regular basis, and performing a bump test regularly.
As both a state certified home inspector and a professional fire fighter (on the HazMat team), I have a lot of experience with CO detectors, 4-gas meters, PID’s and a lot of other meters.
I don’t feel these meters should be a part of a standard home inspection.
Most inspectors do not have the training or experience with these meters.
I prefer to use a common sense approach to home inspections. Thanks to mercaptan, if you smell natural gas (methane), you know there is a leak. If you see holes, gaps or openings in a flue pipe you can be pretty sure flue gases (including CO) are leaking.
There are times when the use of these meters will be necessary, but in my opinion not during a typical home inspection.

I use this gas sniffer to find combustible gas leaks and I use this combustion analyzerto obtain my CO readings. When testing for something that can result in the total destruction of the building and the potential death of its occupants, I would not recommend using the “economy model” tester.

They are great for pinpointing the gas leak you smell and I have done so.
Not sure why some guys run them all along every pipe as it is a big waste of time and simply a bells and whistles show.

If you are “not sure why” I do it, how do you know it is “simply a bells and whistles show”? It seems as if you are contradicting yourself.

J.B you are getting paranoid:)

I was not referring to you nor did I see a statement that you ran your gas sniffer along every pipe.Do you?

Since when do I have a history of harassing you sir.:cool:


Do as you wish but it is not needed.
Your sniffer will spend lots of time with false alarms at fresh thread paste.
Gas has an Odor put into it that is very easy to detect.

I will. Thanks.:wink: