DETECTOR: Propane or Combustible Gas

So, I recently purchased a Carbon Monoxide detector Extech CO10. But Im noticing it does not detect " Propane" gas. Is this normal or do I need another kind of detector for propane ? I was always under the impresion these detectors detect all kinds of gases.

A CO detector does not normally detect natural or propane gas leaks. CO is a byproduct produced from burning these gases. To detect gas leaks in the piping, you need a combustible gas sniffer. Maybe some detectors do both, but not many, and it would say it does.

CO Carbon monoxide is the result of incomplete combustion of fuel gases.

If you want a combustible gas detector you will need something else.

Never heard of anyone ever using one of these on a home inspection. What is the benefit of checking for CO₂ in a home?

Much more important to check for dihydrogen monoxide than for CO2.

dihydrogen monoxide is a KILLER

Damn, that’s the second time I’ve done that. :cool: You know what I mean. There are IAQ detectors for excess CO2 in commercial buildings.

I carry a CO detector on my tool pouch for my own safety. It is small, inexpensive, on 24/7 and last 24 months or more.

Thank you - I was just pickin on Brad a little bit.

only if You can’t swim…