Equipment purchase

I am just now getting started in the home inspection business and am purchasing necessary equipment. I am considering purchasing a product by tpi, it is a combonation CO and combustible gas leak detector. It seems to make sense to buy one instrument instead of two for economic reasons and I would only need one replacement tip instead of two, but I know nothing about this product. If you have heard of this product could you advise me as to it’s performance and reliability

Is this the one you’re looking at?

First downside that I see is the CO detection is not quantifiable, meaning it will tell you if there is a leak, but will not give you a reading at to the extent of the leak. This is necessary, as there is virtually always some CO “spillage” from fossil fuel burning appliances.

Yes, there is a reason why most of us that use CO meters use dedicated meters.

PE is a great site for quality tools, with many choices. Their customer support is great also, so just give them a call and discuss with them. Good luck.

I use a dedicated CO detector for the reasons Jeffery explained.
This is the one I use. Works great.

Thanks will do

I’m with Jeff on this too, Here is what my team uses.

I use a combination CO combustible gas meter by TPI (link below) Gives you ppm CO and has a tick for combustible gas with a level indicator. I have used it for 3 years. Only issue was a bad combustible gas sensor that they replaced for free. Has worked well. To date has found 3 major CO leaks in homes while checking.

For the type of CO detectors that actually give you parts per million readings, what level is considered unsafe?

Anyone using one of these? Any feedback?

I forget where I read this and my meter is alarmed at these intervals. 35 parts will make it dangerous and start giving you headaches and other symtoms. At 70 parts it kills you. I tend to beleive that any exposure is bad over time. Lets say you get a reading of 20 parts per million. Do you call it up? I do because over time that 20 parts is going to be ingested and can have prolonged issues.