"Come-on down!!!"

A lot of inspectors everywhere, experienced and new, are feeling the market as being slow. So you do expect a bit of price cutting to go on.

The following is worth looking at: being offered by an InterNACHI inspectorin the Montreal area!


Gee Ralph, thanks!!!

Caveat Emptor!


Looks like another company is soon going out of Business .
.No one can survive at these prices .
This also does not help out industry.
" Amount: from C$99.99 Discount78% You save C$350.01 "
My Accountant figured our cost was close to $129.00 per inspection .
With advertising ,insurance ,phone ,Car and office expense, This was before we even left home.

No Results Name:N/AContact:N/AInterNACHI ID:N/ACity: N/AState/Province: N/ACountryN/ACertification Status: No longer certifiedHonor Guarantee: $10,000 Honor Guarantee](http://www.nachi.org/honor.htm), backed by InterNACHI: Not covered

Yes, $99 inspection is just crazy. Not to mention some portion of that $99 fee will also go to this website (Groupon) for the ad.

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Name:Ralph Karazivan
Contact:E-Mail Ralph Karazivan
InterNACHI ID:NACHI12070908
City: laval
State/Province: QC
Country: CA
Certification Status: Member in Good Standing, through September 9th, 2014
Honor Guarantee: $10,000 Honor Guarantee](http://www.nachi.org/honor.htm), backed by InterNACHI: Covered.
The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, Inc. is a non-profit organization helping home inspectors maintain inspection excellence. For more information about InterNACHI, visit www.nachi.org.

I found the same as JJ right on his website?? His rates will be his demise, nothing you can do!

Yep… and he’s only a 9th month newbie (to InterNACHI) to boot! :frowning:

Perhaps he needs to spend some time on this MB and pay attention (not so much to what is said), but what is being taught! :wink:

My base rate is 420 for a single family home leaving the home for 99$ dollars is a joke and the poor sod has sold 44 now. Yep, broke and sore soon.

The laws of economy cannot be bent! He will be out soon.

This ‘‘inspector’’ has about 200 inspectors from his other Association, AIBQ who want to ‘‘talk’’ to him! They are livid! In contrast, no such action from InterNACHI members in Québec!

There is no doubt that this person is on a loosing course!

Sad for him and very sad for the industry!




PS- This has been my best month this year. Doing at least double compared to last September. More than half of them referrals sent by former clients. No Groupon here! :slight_smile:

“Groupon”… isn’t that a fish or sumptin’? :stuck_out_tongue: