Comfortmaker date of manufacture?

Need a little help with an accurate date of manufacture for this data plate. Brand is Comfortmaker. Thanks.


Yah Joe I got that too but that was a guess. Do you have an exact reference by chance?

David Valley’s document tells how to decipher the codes of all the major brands. Search for it on Nachi. I don’t have it with me on this computer. I see comfort makers more than any other brand. It’s a 2007 for sure.

Ok man thanks!

**Comfortmaker **(International Comfort): A letter followed by a 9-digit number. The second and third number represent the year, the fourth and fifth numbers represent the week. There may be a date stamp to the right of the serial number.

Sample-Your SN:

Serial Number: E072514528 – Date of Mfg: June-2007