Coming: New Move-In-Certified ebook to send to sellers in your local markets.

Catch the inspections upstream with this new book. We’re working on it now.

Thanks Nick. I haven’t had any luck with MIC, but I continue to offer it and any help is always appreciated.

We’re just going to do it from here. We’re going to email every seller the new book, which delivers the case for MIC better than you can… with links to

Interesting but it is not well received in our market yet either. Maybe something here will allow us to start educating for change

Interesting idea Nick, but can’t you make it a little easier for all of us…I mean, gees…loll;)

Thanks again


Nick, when you say you are just going to email every seller what specifically do you mean by that? Just very curious what that would look like and where you could even obtain their contact info. Thanks, Tom

Any updates on the e book for Move In Certified?

I’m pitching it as an exclusive to RE/MAX.

Good Idea Nick my best Real Estate Agents are from Re/Max.
Like J j I have had minimum success with MIC.

I believe we have a few new ideas to try.

NACHI just needs to setup with the local Boards of Realtors. The local NACHI inspectors can help by introducing this program to the Boards.