Driving by a home for sale? Pull in and give them this book.

Every seller is likely a buyer in your local market. And a free book is a great way to break the ice.

“Hi, I’m a local home inspector and I noticed that you are selling your home. I’d like to give you this free book. My business card is attached. Call me if you need any inspections on the home you are moving to… or if you would like me to inspect the home you are selling.”



Thats great but I have another one we should talk about…call me when you have time.

I did the door to door deliveries (to Sellers) a few years ago. I didn’t get one call.

“Door deliveries” don’t work… seller deliveries do.

Now I’ve only tried to sell 3 MoveInCertified.com inspections (to show Denver members it could be done)… but I am 3 for 3. The trick is that you have to actually talk to the seller. They WANT TO SELL (especially in this market where homes sit for a year). They will hang on every word you say, typically invite you inside, and always book the inspection. You will likely get the inspection on the home they are buying as well.

But you can’t just drop something off at the door.

If you are too shy to bang on someones door (I’m not. I have a service that the seller on the other side of the door needs)… use the new book as an ice breaker.



It must be a geographic thing or maybe my Sellers approach was wrong.

I did ring doorbells and if there was no answer, I’d leave my door hanger kit which included a $25.00 discount coupon for their next home inspection, a pen with my logo, my brochure, my business card, and a small toy for their child.

Not one prospect. It cost me too much to do this with no prospects, so I decided to STOP.

I like MIC. I to am having a hard time selling with so many REO’s.
More than once, MIC inspections dont get a report. They find out what I recommend get fixed and thats it:)
I will give these books a shot. Rather than marker and staple the front, I will have my business card printed on labels, and over the top place “A Free Gift From:”

So…what is a Move in Certified inspetion. I saw the check list for the green certified but what makes it MIC? Is there a list?

"Driving by a home for sale? Pull in and give them this book."

I could keep busy giving out books for the next 12 years with the amount of For Sale signs around here.