Coming soon... Certified Master Inspector caps in red.

And like the blue ones… these will also be free.

Should have them available by next week.


Good move well done … Roy… I love RED …

Can I trade in the blue one?

You can have one of each as I know that you are like me… a slave to fashion.

I always new you wore more than one hat Nick.
Your sig says it all!!!:mrgreen:

They’re in!.. and free:

Thanks Nick.
Hey Charlie, I got me a red hat!!!

Hey Linas,

Watch out for the women hanging over balcony hollering at you

You could have 5 red hats boy you don’t have what it takes:p;-)

I think you’re right Charlie, I’ll never be a stud muffin’ like you!!

Nice, I love red hats. Matches the truck (and Charley B)

Edit: Thanks, Nick!