Coming soon... free Certified Master Inspector caps.

Thanks in advance Nick!!

Can’t wait to get mine. I will wear it Proudly :cool:


Thank you, Nick!

Awesome PICs!

I wish my office had that many hats!!! Just kidding Alfred, it is allot like my office only not even close to that neat.

Hi Fred! Good to see you here.

Can’t wait for my hat either…Thanks, Nick!

Thank You Nick Another great marketing tool.

My office will be finished this week.
Your office is very well presentED Alfred.
I think I only have 15 certs and my frames are not wood and only have 2 InterNACHI hats
Great job buddy.

I am selecting where to hang the Certs. 10 more to install.
I just bought 2 new screens seeing 2 decided to fail.
I purchased an ASUS Rog 8480 added another 256 SSD, water block, along with other odds and ends.
The auxiliary HP backup PC had several upgrades as well. All HDMI graphics.

Wow Robert, that is one nice office. Three screens!

Thanks Nick.
My Post Inspection review is part of my “inspection package.”
My clients are very satisfied with my inspection routines.
All screens are used during my post inspection reviews.

I have to get in-touch with Kevin, Len and Scot and roll out InterNACHI education and benefits to certain individuals.
I am still amazed not one broker has seen the hold harmless clause. I never miss telling them they are held harmless.
Need the clause in French please.

Nick, ask Jess to teach me how to mass email Quebec members.
I am almost ready to dig in again.

Best regards and thanks.

Robert, post that PIC here:

Mike Auger**, CMI,**
Congratulations Mike!

Good to see you here on the CMI board!
Mike is an upstanding guy and a true professional!
Keep up the good work Mike!

Thanks for the kind words.

I got mine. Thanks Nick.

Thanks I got the hat and vehicle decals too.

Yes It nice to see you too Linas and don’t forget to leave the past behind. You already are on my Linkedin groups and I hope to hear you comment more.
I would like this to be a requirement also as a CMI not just an option.