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Just an FYI for Florida Inspectors.

You have to have a state certification to offer energy audits in the state of Florida.

I don’t believe the law resulted in auditor certification ever being developed or adopted by the state, only a uniform energy rating for buildings. My understanding is that the state was going to certify auditors but never did. If you have the actual regulation (not a link to a school offering certification) please post it.

Exactly. You can’t. If anyone can post the actual regulation from a governent website (not just a link to a school offering certification) please post it.

Yes I can

If you notice the school I provided a link for is the only one authorized to provide the certification.

That is a certification for a “rater” who is allowed to perform a particular calculation and fill out a Florida Building Energy Rating Form 11-01 or 12-01 for new buildings or homes that are being sold.

I’m looking for a law or regulation that prohibits inspectors from conducting energy audits. I’m looking for the actual statute.

Here in Canada we have an EcoEnergy program for energy audits. The homeowner is eligible for gov’t rebates if they perform energy upgrades to their home/building. You have to be gov’t certified to deliver this type of energy audit. There is no law stating that you cannot do enegy audits, but why pay someone to do an audit who is not certified under the EcoEnergy program when you can pay a certified auditor and potentially get gov’t rebates. Seems like a no brainer to me.

I got an email awhile back from somebody at the Missouri Department of Natural Resources on energy auditing. It looks like they are going to try to get a bill passed in Missouri on energy auditing. If it is just DNR pushing the bill, it should be a good bill.

Once the course is released we will seek all the government approvals just like we acquire with our other courses

Good luck with that one in Canada. NRCan is VERY strict, and for good reason. They won’t let just anyone hand out their gov’t dollars.

We’re not just anyone.

Just wondering if the new law in Florida requires a License for energy auditors? They are requiring that each form of inspection be licensed, mold assessor ( Mold Inspection) and Home Inspection.
Are the Internachi certifications applicable to the changes?

It’s already a law.

Here is the current listof auditors.