Energy Audits

:smiley: Is Energy Audits a good addition to your inspection service? Any secrets or advise on upstart of this service that you would like to share.

Did you take the free, online Energy Audit course?


It depends! What do mean by energy audit? Does it it mean a real knowledge of building science or just calling yourself an auditor? What area of the country are you in? In some southern areas audits are not money makers while up north they are. Are audits free (government, utility companies etc) in your area? What is your training in the energy area? I am a licensed (Texas) inspector and I am RESNET and BPI certified so if you have any questions give me a call.

Yes and also purchased your text book

Thanks for the reply. I am a licensed GC , with a degree in mechanical engeering in Central Florida where nothing related to energy cost is free. It is my intent to provide a full energy audits to our service. Any additional websites or download info that you can share would be appreciated.

You need to be certified to offer this service in Florida. The local power companies also offer them at a very reasonable price. I doubt that it will be profitable for you. Try using Google there is a lot of info there.

A “full” energy audit is more than looking for missing insulation and recommending a change in light bulb use.

If you plan to provide anyone with a “full” energy audit or recommend/provide any type of air sealing, you will need to invest in a blower door (Approx $2800) and learn how to use it. If you don’t, you can be responsible for the death(s) or illness of your client(s) as a direct result of your “service”.

This is nothing to fool around with. Get educated, get certified, and invest in the right equipment.

We have the equipment fan door,duct testing ,IF camera etc,and we are certified in addition to our lead base paint certification

Larry you need to become a tier 1 rater. Florida is different than the rest of the country when it comes to certifications. You need to do this fast and here is why. As of September 1st FL is doing HVAC rebatees. It requires you are a certified test and balance company or a tier 1 rater. There is huge demand in FL for both right now. You have to test for duct leakage to the outdoors. To the outdoors, is the key phrase. That requires both a blower door and duct tester to do. A duct tester alone will only give you a leakage number. By equalizing the pressure in the structure to the duct fan you can then get the number to the outdoors.

Check out this site for more info:

If you have any questions please feel free to drop me a line at We have been on top of this program since its introduction.


That was kind of you, JJ…very nice.:slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for the heads-up, I will look into Tier 1 requirement. As usual Florida always has something different and more difficult for the consumer and contractor.