Coming soon. InterNACHI discount card on EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD!


The site’s not even up yet…

I’d like to see more specifics as to “EVERYTHING”.

Everything in the WORLD!!!

Wow you mean I can get a discount from the local hooker with the card?

Gotta have one!

I guess that means you would be a Canadian Mounter as opposed to a Canadian Mountie? :mrgreen:

top or bottom LOL

You Canadians are lucky, they’re mostly cash only down here. :stuck_out_tongue: Excluding the reputable “dating services”.

Now you guys are making me think I need the card. :stuck_out_tongue: Can’t wait to see more info on it. Is it just me or is this cool, that stuff just keeps coming. Man, I went on a little vacation 2 weeks ago for only 5 days (Dale, I love Phoenix/Scottsdale) and I felt like I missed a hundred years worth of information, benefits, etc. What a great place!

PS: I think it is Dale that lives there. Did not run into our buddy Dan Harris however.:frowning:

My NACHI dues are up for renewal. How may of these cards would I need to bring the total to zero?

Electrical meter…$150.00
Company truck…$25,000.00
NACHI membership…Priceless!\:D/

But what you have to take into consideration is the type of “dating service” they used to get when they paid with moose meat and Molson. :mrgreen: