Prosepecting future InterNACHI Members

Fellow Inspectors,

Ever thought of expanding your NACHI membership on a global scale? Think of the marketing potential of being not only Nationally certified, but Internationally certified!!! That’s right guys! We are now prospecting all existing NACHI members and non-members, to find out if they’d be interested in expanding Internationally, by becoming a full fledged member of InterNACHI. First year membership is only $50, and will give you access to all that InterNACHI has to offer, including logos and literature for you and your clients, expanded message board access, continuing education credits both in class, and on line, and much much more!! Want to find out more? Send me an email to the address below, and you’ll be blown away with what you get from your membership!!

InterNACHI…The first name in inspection excellence.

Coming to a planet near you!!

See here for more information and updates!

Dale, sorry I missed this message the first time around. I guess I REALLY WAS BUSY!!:shock:

I couldn’t agree with you more on this. It is time that we had a Home grown version of NACHI. As I am sure you have read, many of the local pundits who specialize in detracting from NACHI do so byclaiming that we are somehow lesser mortals because NACHI is based in the United States. What better way to disarm these people than by establishing a completely Canadian INTERNACHI org.?

If this is the only way our detractors have to attack us ( and you have to admit that they are scraping the bottom of the barrel) and if this is the only way they can convince the CMHC and other branches of government that we are somehow ‘tainted’ then lets do something about it.

InterNachi Canada. All Canadian.

Thanks for the support George. It just amazes me that there has been lots who have viewed these posts regarding InterNACHI, and FREE benefits but few have shown any interest.

I don’t however want to view InterNACHI as being just “Canadian Friendly”. InterNACHI was formed to cater to all inspectors, anywhere in the world. There are lots of great things that are coming up the pike. And its not just one group of people putting things together. It is totally member driven. Just look at the House of Horrors for example. Not funded by NACHI, not funded by any sponsors(with the exception of Porter Valley Software). Just an idea and a few volunteers. Like I said, great things can happen when we collectively do whats best for our industry.

Bookmark this thread people, because I’m sure you won’t want to miss what lies ahead.


No offense intended but the other thread is now 3 pages and I still do not see an answer to the question. What are these “FREE benefits” that you want me to pay for?

Posts from our Canadian friends seem to want a Canada specific organization. I see nothing wrong with that. I might even kick in a few bucks to help you get started. The problem I see is that you are calling it INTERnachi not CANADAnachi and you are trying to lure americans into it. You are trying to lure us with the benefits that we already have.

How about I come over to your house the next time your lawn needs to be mowed. I’ll sell you that new mower that is sitting in your garage.

I don’t think it is many Canadians who are asking for ( our Canadian friends seem to want a Canada specific organization ) this .
I too am wondering what the INTERNACHI advatage is .
I keep looking and asking and getting little information.

Roy Cooke sr …

I think it is time we brought Nachi Canada to the fore and got on the bandwagon. With Tyrone stepping down we, and I mean collectively, need to step up. Between you, me and the rest of the guys at the meeting we can make this go.

I have to agree, “NACHI Canada” just makes sense. I can see myself explaining not only what NACHI is, but also what InterNachi is about a million times!

We have a fantastic spot right here to communicate with all Canadian Hone Inspectors .
Fortunately many come to read but most do not make any posts.
Those who belong to NACHI and the other Canadian Associations are ostracized big time .
I have receive many emails from OAHI and other CAHPI members who will not make a post because they know that the Directors of these association do hold it against them .
Until these Leaders realize that NACHI is slowly growing and improving our industry big time this unfortunately will continue .

The more I hear,
the more I see!
NACHI is the one for me !
Roy Cooke R.H.I.
A HAPPY NACHI MEMBER,… More find this out ever day!

Neil, this post was just to spark some interest in the organization. Not ask anyone for money. The fee structure was just information as to how it is set up for NACHI members. We’re still working on details to “different” benefits, but I can’t announce them just yet. Did John Onofrey give away all of the secrets of the Holy Grail of inspection marketing when he wasn’t ready? I have had inquiries from inspectors in the U.S. about inspecting in Canada and Mexico, and being a member of an International organization makes clients living outside the U.S., or moving to another country, that much more comfortable. These words came right from real estate agents!! The Canadian government won’t recognize members of NACHI because its a U.S. based firm. Perhaps other governments, municipalities, brokers, agents, clients, and the general public, might be inclined to reach for that comfort zone also? Might you be interested now?

NACHI Canada is a good idea, and beneficial to Canadians. I’m not disputing that. But InterNACHI is good for all who are in the business, wether you’re in the U.S., Canada, or even Saudi Arabia!!

What is soooooo good about it???:roll:

From what I’ve heard from others, the feeling of bigger is better is what thier clients are saying. When I say bigger I mean global. But don’t get me wrong, I am very pro NACHI through all of this thread. Food for thought…Would it impress your clients when educating them about thier new home if you were to inform them of similar findings with an inspector on the other side of the planet?? Compare costs?? I don’t know about you, but I see the big picture through InterNACHI.

Think outside the box.

Roy Cooke’s famous last words. “The more I hear the more I see”

Fwiw, I haven’t heard any of my clients saying bigger is better. Nor do they ever want to know about comparing info with other inspectors or puchasers from other countries.

My clients don’t even ask about my affiliations with any associations, they know about me because I have a good reputation and because I have been around for 15 years. Thats what my questionaires I get back from my clients tell me. And I have been using a questionaire with my report for 15 years, fwiw.

No need to Solicit new Members…

Everyone is already a Member of Inter-NACHI…

Nick Gromicko
NACHI Member: **Staff
**Location: Valley Forge, PA
Posts: 7876 Apr 17, 2005 5:16PM Post subject: If you can speak English well enough to fulfill you can join InterNACHI by simply joining NACHI. NACHI’s membership is a subset of InterNACHI’s membership and NACHI members may also use the InterNACHI logo if they so choose.

If you can’t speak English very well or not at all you cannot join InterNACHI by way of NACHI and so have to email me. Sorry, NACHI is reserved for English speaking inspectors only. I will enable the foreign language translation of the primary language, forward the email to someone who can speak your language and assist, and then record your contact information for when InterNACHI is ready to accept formal applications in that language.

InterNACHI is currently working on the daunting task of creating a 9-language InterNACHI website similar (but much smaller and less N. American biased) to NACHI’s.

U.K. is the exception to English speaking inspectors joining InterNACHI by way of NACHI. Two separate existing inspection organizations in the U.K. are partnering with InterNACHI (but not NACHI) despite English being their member’s primary language. I believe this has something to do with the general dislike of the word “National” by Europeans and the fact that NACHI is not just English biased but clearly North American biased in every way one looks at it.

The number of members associated with the various international inspection-like organizations (NACHI being one) expressing a willingness to participate in InterNACHI is now in the several hundred thousand range.

Inspectors outside North America are free to join NACHI if they speak English. NACHI is reserved for English speaking inspectors only and our membership requirements could only be reasonably fulfilled by someone fluent in English. –
Nick Gromicko

So am I a full member of Inter Nachi;)

Exactly :smiley:

Beer is now going through my nose, Thanx Joe.:stuck_out_tongue: