Coming soon. New course on inspecting foundations made with insulated concrete forms

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Hey Nick!

    Do you ever get tired of the accolades? This course looks really interesting.

    Thanks a mill!

This should be a good course…i’m seeing more and more basements and homes for that matter made with insulated forms. In fact, my new basement is formed with ARXX ( This is definetly the way of the future!!

Well at least you won’t need to write an SOP on ICF.

Standards and Practices

of the

Insulating Concrete Form Association

Adopted on May 20, 2004

Oh yes we will. Did you read your link? Not an SOP for anything (It’s an SAP), much less an SOP for inspecting ICFs. The SOP for inspecting ICFs will be released with the course.

I build my basement with Quadlock ICF’s (, and am so happy I did.

They are a “you know what” to inspect though.