Coming soon (probably by tomorrow) another new mini-course on TPR discharge piping.

We are trying to release a free, online inspection-related mini-course every 2 weeks.

Hey Nick!

Good idea! Education rocks!


Have at it… it is not very long but a very important subject:

A couple corrections are needed, but all in all, it’s good.

Thanks Jeff.

Can you email me anything that you think needs to be looked at please?

Just wondering, do we or will we receive CE credits for any of the Mini-Courses? Not that I need any, just wondering. They are a little short to earn any CE credit for them but, once enough of them have been completed I guess you could earn 1 or 2 CE credits.



We’re doing a final exam based on all the mini-courses which will auto record into your online continuing education log

Cool, that is good planning.

Jason writes

Ssssshhhh! Don’t tell Joe M. :wink: