I took the poly.,tpr, and vermiculite courses. Here are two suggestions. After the quiz it should say whether you pass or fail. The second is after each course (any on line course) it should remind people to add it to your C.E. hours and how many hours you get per course. EX. You may now go to this link xxxxxxxxx and add this course title and 1 credit hour.

Who in NACHI do I send this to?

Isn’t it . . . I can’t remember for sure, did a search and others may be having trouble with fastreply . . . sorry, I’m not much help.

Mark, Just found the e-mail, it’s . . . you will get an answer, just might take awhile . . . good luck.

thank you

I brought this up in another post several weeks ago and the answer I got was that since the courses were so short there is no credit given for them. I then asked that since completing these courses is now are mandatory for membership in NACHI isn’t it pretty important for the member to have a way of proving that they completed these courses. I am still waiting for an answer!!!

I believe it is auto recorded at the end so NACHI knows you have done these

Thanks Dennis
I hope your right. I just think it would take a computer programer about 30 seconds to get these courses to show up as completed in our education log. I understand that they are short courses and do not give any CE credits but it would be nice to have a record of completing them.

I remember back in the old days, years ago when we had to print our own record and log it in ourselves. My how times have changed.
Posting completion on this thread should now be enough evidence. :twisted: