Coming soon, web-based email system for Chapter heads to announce events.

With all the educational events NACHI puts on: it is becoming difficult to get them all properly announced to the industry.

To solve this problem we are building a web-based database of ALL inspectors and parties interested or related to the inspection industry. We thank Inspector’s Quarterly for having done much of this work offline already.

Anyway, NACHI and Chapter heads will be able to access this system to announce anything they want to announce while staff continues to maintain and grow the database online.

Cool huh?


Excellent Nick…Will most certainly help spread the word on events…

Will it also allow educators to send maybe small articles and newsletters to members…or is that maybe another different thing all together…lol

As you know, we’ve been pushing more and more control down to the local chapters and the local members. I think what we’ll do is permit vendors to contact their local Chapter Heads to send out any notices. If the Chapter Head thinks his folks would benefit from the announcement than he/she can send it.

Events like or NACHI member discounts/deals like in or Legislative announcements seem like the best use for this tool.

There are a few marketing spin-off uses I can think of (or should I say “can’t help but thing of”)… hee hee… that will benefit NACHI members locally.


Thanks Nick,

This will become a great asset for each chapter.


Sounds like a great service to communicate with NACHI members within the region of a specific meeting, seminar, etc. Both Len Ungar and I are excited by this news. It will speed up the time to notify members as changes occur in the New York Metro Area.

Totally awesome Nick! Thank you guys for all you are doing.


Hey Nick… That Will be a Great Way for all of us to Comunicate with our members an announce our activities…
Here in PUERTO RICO we really appreciate all you support, help and the THINKING you do for us…
Oh, by the way the Jeep will be a great comunication tool…but the hummer would be better.
Mary F. Ayuso
Puerto Rico NACHI Chapter President

Fantastic tool for our use, Nick. Always thinking, and much appreciated.

This is gonna be some kind of event-
Mary swimming across, Wendy hiking over the Rockies, to determine the NACHI Ladies’ Hummer Championship match, along the banks of the Mississippi . . . .

Uhhhhhhh…I din’t know I had to wrassle for it! :wink:

You going down to Puerto Rico Russ?

Not that I’m aware of- yet . . .

Maybe, to be fair, we should ask RR to be the ref . . .

Now that’s funny…I don’t care who you are!

Unbiased ref…LMAO!

Glad to give you a Sun AM chuckle, Tony!
How’s that trout pond doing . . .?

ice off russ…trying to sell it unfortunately…not a money maker for me anymore…BUT…i plan to go fish out the biggies first with the kids.

Russ come chat with Paul A and I…

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Nick, do we have a proposed launch date for this?
Some Chapter heads have been asking . . .

You would have to ask Chris, he told me 30 days when I posted original thread.