Comment on this Flashcard before it goes up?

Anyone see anything to correct about what I’ve written here?
I’m not really satisfied with what I’ve written about the connection to the main disconnect (under “Comment:”), but I’m not sure how to better put it.

                 This is service equipment:

· A, B, and C are lugs for the service entrance conductors. A is the neutral.
· 1-4 go to a main disconnect
· 5 and 6 feed sub-panels
· 7 and 8 are the neutrals for the subpanels

What defects do you see here?
a. All of these
b. The main disconnect is improperly fed.
c. The sub-panels are improperly fed.
d. The neutrals for the subpanels are improperly connected to the neutral bus bar.

1-8 are all improper connections.
· 1-4 are not the proper manner or connections for feeding a main disconnect.
· (5&6) Sub-panels should be fed from breakers installed on the service supply bus bar or from lugs attached to the supply bus bar and designed (listed) for that purpose. Taps on the line side of the main disconnect mean that shutting off the main breaker will not shut off power to the subpanels. Power to the sub-panels will have to be shut off at each sub-panel.
· (7&8) The neutrals have had strands separated and stuffed into holes in the neutral bus bar designed for smaller gauge conductors. These neutrals should terminate at properly installed connections listed for that purpose.

Double lugged grounded conductors would be my choice for defect

Not sure that this is a good image to use. There is too much going on and too much important information out of frame. IMO.

Given the limited information gleaned from a single photo I’m not sure that you can accurately ensure that all of those statements are true.

Maybe you’re right. Already spent more time on it than I should have. On to the next (simpler) card.