Electrical questions for sub panel

Any opinions out there on the double tapped neutral - this is a 100 sub panel in a garage - no other disconnect except breaker in main panel. Thanks

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Preferable to go with a 2 hole lug.
Your spidey senses must be tingling.

I recommend an evaluation.

Perhaps it’s my image but where’s the double.
It also looks like an FPE Stab-Lok panel with re-manufactured breakers.

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The blue grounded conductor splice.

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DUH! Thank you.

Thanks all for the input.

I agree several visible issues.

What do you see?

Blue neutral conductors
Two conductors under a single terminal
Missing bushing on feeder raceway
No single main disconnect

A question for the sake of clarity (mine):
The GEC and the grounding conductor from the main panel are both connected to the grounding bus bar on the right. Both the left and right bus bars appear to be connected directly to the panel. Is this sufficient for providing grounding protection for the EGCs connected to the grounding bus bar on the left?

If that question doesn’t make sense please let me know :wink: Thanks for any insight!

Doreen answered:

Morning, Robert. Hope this post finds you well.
You have a good eye. Needed for panels IMO.

Now I I barely remove dead fronts.

1: The panel neutral bus feed lug maybe labeled. Poor image orientation. Not the OP’s just is.
2: Lockup Bushing can be on the outside.

IMO. Nice Clean Install. Wires nicely sized in length, aligned and spaced. Grounds all twisted into one tight cable. One of the cleaner subs I typically see.

Hello, Robert Young
To knit pick I would not recommend putting 3-4 grounds and terminating under 1 screw on the ground bars. IMO
You have a lovely day sir.

Morning, Dee. Hope this post finds you well.
No offence taken.

Looks like your an early riser like myself:-) You know what they say about early risers.

I have yet to see a panel board with a ground bus matching hot and neutral buss circuit conductor terminations. Ground conductors bond as well. Hope that made sense.

Best regards.

Yes, the combination of the bus mounting screws and the panel cabinet are sufficient for connecting them together.

I agree very neat. The bushing I mentioned is the one that is missing on the feeder raceway at the top right. Since the conductors are #4 or larger the raceway (looks like PVC) requires an insulating bushing. {300.4(G)}

That’s correct she mentioned the feeder OCPD is at the panel. Since this is a separate structure the panel requires a disconnecting means. Typically it’s a main circuit breaker in the panel but since this a MLO panel is doesn’t have one. {225.31 & 225.32}

Based on GEC on the bottom?

Thanks, Rob. I missed that part…a separate structure.

Rob, what does MLO mean:


Sorry for the abbreviations, MLO-main lug only, used to describe a panel with no main breaker.

Thanks Robert!