Comment on ugly foundation patch?

The client is going to ask about this on Monday. I dropped by today for a preview, :cool: vacant new home, concrete poured Spring 08. It looks like the owner has tried to conceal a hairline shrinkage crack (maybe more?) with this ugly patch. I think the crack probably looked better. Does anyone know a good way to dress this up?

John Kogel

Plant taller shrubs.

Tell him it’s customary for homeowners to pile mulch up to the bottom of the siding so it hides the ugly foundation.

Sorry - no serious answer here, it’s just a blemish, maybe a piece of steel or something behind it.

Epoxy injection to seal and bond the crack and then parge the wall.

:stuck_out_tongue: I’m always telling people to trim back the shrubs and pull back the mulch.
Those weeds look like floxgloves, they’ll be 6 feet tall in May.

Right, Chuck, or maybe a spot of honeycomb.

It may be ugly but sometimes when the forms are pulled off and airpockets are revealed thats what happens with track homes out here…I would think that the repair is cosmetic more than structural in most cases…However I would still refer to a structural engineer if this was a prodomenent finding.

A little coat of brushed on Thorseal will make this blemish look great.

Marcel :):D;)

Thanks, I was going to suggest paint. I’ll pass that on.

They can’t decide themselves if it’s thorseal or thorOseal