Commenting on roof cleaning

Does anyone ever make a comment if the roof shows signs of having been cleaned?

I only comment if they haven’t been and need to be.

OR… there is damage / granule wash from the shingles!


Of course if it was possibly caused by cleaning… :wink:


As Thomas says, I comment if there is damage (which is pretty common in my area since we have a lot of moss). I’ll also comment if some knucklehead has put 30# of laundry detergent all over it to kill the moss. A roofing manufacturer rep once told me that is bad for the shingles and will void the warranty. Washing a bunch of chemical-laden soap directly into streams is also a pretty crappy thing to do.

Regardless… I would still report the damage / granule wash, just with a slightly different narrative. :wink:


Thank you for the response Just made a generalized comment about roof washing and the damage that may be created if improperly done.