Good day to you all.
How do I view the longer topics. And how do I alter a comment like adding to it. Or do I just delete and add a new one. Even then I cannot read more than three lines of any comment. I can’t find how to edit or proofread a comment

If you’re trying to use the mobile APP, that’s your problem. Stop it! :razz:

I don’t think I got a problem
Lots of inspectors use the mobile app. I guess.
But there are no instructions.
I didn’t say that out loud did I.
Who needs instructions.

Hi Douglas,

Ignore Jeffrey, he’s only using the desktop app! :wink:

There are lots of video tutorials on our website, Home under Support.

Click the pencil next to a comment to view the whole thing and modify it. Under the Settings tab you can adjust the number of rows you see for each comment.

My apologies to Doug and Dom… HONESTLY, I didn’t realize this was posted in the HIP section, and there was no mention of HIP in the post itself (let this be a lesson to you)! I thought Doug was referring to the InterNACHI APP (which totally sux!). Now I better understand the strangly worded post/query.

Nick… We need a better Header for the HIP section like you do for other vendors with their own sections.
Currently, this does NOT serve the Members well… as evidenced above!

Good idea Jeffrey. I’ll see if I can get Nick to add one now that HIP is the independent software leader ������

That would definately help, (the Green Guy would really stand out) as most of us here don’t bother to look at what section we are viewing. I primarily use the “New Post” button unless I am specifically looking for something, but usually in that case, I use the “Google-InterNachi” trick as the MB search feature sux worse than the APP! :twisted:

Just put on your glasses…:smiley:

It’s okay, I didn’t realize it was directly a HIP app question at first either :smiley:

No worries. I think you’ve known me long enough to know I don’t butt-in on your domain unless I have actual hands-on factual opinions. :mrgreen:

Now! That is funny…:smiley:

Prove me wrong, Coot! :twisted:

That’s Mr. Coot to you !:smiley:

I just thought that was funny coming from you…

So, you got 'nuthin! Now that’s funny, but expected. :lol:

You don’t have to be mean… you just choose too :wink:

Shhhhhhh! :wink:


That’s OK JJ. Just wait another couple months and all those other sections will be merged into one. HIP will be the only solo section left. :slight_smile:


hey that was great just what i was looking for. thank you so much and yes i kind of ignored jeffs comment but i had to give him a little rub as well. lol