HIP wishlist

Wish 1:

When I download a report to my desk/laptop, I would like a check box to “open now”. Currently I have to sit through two pop ups that tell me the report as been downloaded and can now be opened. Then I have to navigate to it. Why can’t it just open automatically after downloading?

Wish 2:
When I say open report on desktop (MAC), I can’t navigate to a different folder other than the folder has been pre-set as the default folder. Seems silly to be so limited.

Wish 3:
To move a comment between Red and Black on the desk/lap top. It’s so easy to do in mobile, but not on desk/lap top. Several times I select the comment on site and then realize in review it should be red. But I can’t just move it without taking it out an putting it back in, which is a huge pain in the rear if I’ve modified the boiler plate comment to be more specific to the particular matter.

And of course, ISN integration with mobile, but I understand that is in the works.

Sorry Ian. I requested this a while ago and since my requests always go to the bottom of the list, you might get this in 2018. :frowning:

We all have a list.
My take is the program language which makes HIP cool also makes some functions more difficult and DOM is wrangling them.Be patient as it is a process .It keeps getting better.

Well, if your request for this is at the bottom of the list, I put my request for the same thing on the top of the list, what’s Dom going to do? Work from the middle out? :wink: lol.

Id like to be able to slot the pictures and click on the picture and it brings me to section so going back and forth is faster. You could do it from the comments but not from pictures.

Moving the red and black buttons to above the comments and below the tabs would save a ton of mouse movement, or adding a next tab button where the black and red buttons are now. I would love to have a blue button added too.
Also another click to turn comment blue in the mobile.

You can do this with the Advanced Color feature. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKvScU55X64

Already done :wink: Private message me if you want the beta to test it out.

I’m not following on this one. When I click on Open Inspection I can navigate wherever I want. Are you saying there’s no way for you to choose folders?

On my wish list is a HIP tutorial weekend, with classes on every aspect of the program. I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface as far as getting the most out of it. Also a hands on seminar for tweaking HIP hosted website templates. Maybe a HIP retreat or an HIP cruise, what do you say Dom?

Brian, come see us at Inspection Fuel! http://www.inspectionfuel.com . I’ll be doing multiple classes. We also do group training several times a week and 1 on 1 every day. Just give us a call.

Hmm, a tax deductible HIP Cruise? Not a bad idea. Whose game?

Good one.

That would be cool.


How about an option to type something in the list drop down menu without having to go to edit list. Sometimes run across something unusual that is not in my lists and may never see again.

Just choose the smallest item in the list and type over it. It will not change the list but will show as typed in the report.

[quote=“dmaricic, post:7, topic:106329”]

You can do this with the Advanced Color feature.


I haven’t been able to figure out how to utilize this in the HIP Mobil App, I watched your video and you mentioned that the mobile app would reference a number, but I haven’t found that. Can you advise?

The colors are set in the desktop version and changes made to your template. Then you upload the new template to mobile. Color changes cannot be done in mobile alone.

Yep I know that the setup is in the desktop version, but how do you select a color for use while in the mobile app?

Go to settings.To find settings, when you go to the Inspection it is top right as the first page which shows you all your Main Category options which for Inspectors would normally be a System section such as Roof,Exterior,Interior,etc…Click on settings then, Scroll down to see all the Mobile options.Pick a option setting such as number of lines at a time shown on device or color for different type comments. Remember to click save at the bottom after a change.**Follow these instructions by looking at them on a laptop or PC while doing the actions on your cell or tablet.**Sorry if that sounds simplistic to experienced users but it is not easy for first time users.