New Home Inspector Pro Mobile for Android/iPhone/iPad Released

A new version of Home Inspector Pro Mobile has been released for Android ( , iPhone and iPad devices (!!

Make sure you have the latest version as you can now

*Annotate photos directly on the mobile device
*Save photos MUCH faster
*Set inspection saving to occur after each section or each item
*Copy inspections so you can pre-select common items then copy the inspection for new jobs
*Rename inspections
*Change comments from 1-5 rows
*Change even more app colors for visibility and much more!

Let us know how it works for you! :mrgreen:

Looks good.

Looks KILLER. got it last night and played with it for a while. I like the size of the photos, seems much faster too! Keep up the good work Dom, and thanks again for your help with the merge solution.

Dominic, how is this done in HIP mobile 3.6.3 (01JUL14)?

*Copy inspections so you can pre-select common items then copy the inspection for new jobs
*Rename inspections

Copy at desktop then load to mobile.

Bob, thats not what Dominic stated in his highlights but I will try to upload a report with my pre-selected ratings and comments to the cloud then pull down file to the mobile. I’m pretty sure you can only pull down a template file.

To me a template means any selection I make to rating and comments should saved. Don’t you agree. The way templates are saved are flawed without this capability.

John, on mobile go to the Open Inspection window. There should be a pencil to the right of each inspection. Click that to make a copy of an inspection that already exists.

Does that feature exist on Android?
Do not see it.

I have Android, Not there either!

I have Android, I don’t have the pencil to the right either.

Sorry, looks like I didn’t activate the version from a few days ago. I’ll activate it tonight (going to finish up one more new feature).

What might that new feature be?

The [NOTE]] tags that you use as shorthand can now be set to a different color on mobile to help the text pop out at your more.

Beta, works great. The ability to select [NOTE]] tag color is awesome too. Can’t wait to get it on the Desk Top version.


Desktop font color has been around for a while.

He means to have Notes automatically colored on the desktop like Mobile is now doing.

But they would all be the same color.

Just got HIP and mobile for Android last week. Do I need to go to google play and update now?

Not yet. Bob and a few of the others are discussing a beta version. They get updates once or twice a week to help test before everyone else gets them. Expect another update in the next week or so.

It’s already about 80% better improvement than my previous software and methods! Kicking myself in rear for not going “hippie” sooner! :cool: