4-Point Template

Hi Guys,

I know I saw something somewhere around here about a 4-Point template. I have searched and can’t find anything. I am looking for a good checklist template and form to do these. I’m new to the site, does anyone have a good example they would like to share. Thanks so much for the help, loving the site so far. :):slight_smile:


That one is great if you like to do a mini home inspection for the price of peanuts. I prefer a traditional 4 point inspection for all insurers except citizens. What areas do you cover. In fact I believe that doing a ridiculous 4 point like the Nachi one is what has lead to the citizens abortion :). Just my 2 cents do as you wish.

I use John Shishilla’s forms on my iPad along with PDF Expert, they are great! Recommend you contact John to obtain the forms.

Just make sure you get the ones with his license number and signature already affixed! :mrgreen:

If you want to use the Citizens form: http://www.magnuminspections.com/PDF/Revised%204-Point%20Form2_ex.pdf

Awesome, thanks guys.

I think Citizens just released a new four-point inspection for a few months ago. Amazing the lack of standardization.


Standardization is NOT your friend and yes they did. Rev 9/13 I charge $150 stand alone for that abortion of an inspection :slight_smile:

Actually, standardization is your friend so everyone is on the same page. Just curious, with all the low ballers out there, are you doing any of these at that price.

I do very few. The only time I get 4 points is when someone asks after ordering a wind mit then I say yes and what the price is.

I never get them from price shoppers and will never do a citizens for less than $125. Plus I rarely if ever bundle - A fool and their money are soon parted. Bundling is asinine.

The best for me is when I am at clients and they say hey I need a 4 point also do you do that?

The idiots that do anything less than charge full price when something is asked for the day of or on site are fools.

I tell them yes and it is a completely different inspection and this is the cost.

I hate doing 4 points. If you do you job correctly you LIKELY get a pissed customer. It sucks and that is another reason why when I must do them I get paid in full upon arrival. I have had many a pissed person find out they are going to have to fix things and quite a few would try to screw me if I did not already have the money oin my pocket.

Since implementing my get paid first program I have not had 1 bad experience as they all knew what was done was done and no use trying to tell me what do you mean you will have to come back once I get it corrected.

Best business decision I have made in years.

And you are wrong standardization makes what you do worth exactly what the lowest priced guy does because clients see it as apples to apples when you create your own 4 point at least you can sell what makes you different.

Standardization does pretty much what licensing has done to us all. Screwed us and makes us all appear the same to the client.

Not going to argue with you . By standardization I meant the all of the reporting points should be the same. The reports can be different. You have to give the insurance companies what they want. or you will not get those inspections. I do very few stand alone insurance inspections. Not worth it to me for $75.00. I charge $150.00 take it or leave it and most of them will leave it. It hard to beat out DMI who does them so cheaply. But then again, I know of three law suits they are involved in where they reported wrong. I guess volume is a good thing.

Mike: I am always amazed at your posts. You have this “screw the Customer” mentality but claim you’re fighting for their rights, I certainly don’t see that in anything you say you do in your words. Then you claim how other Inspectors here are “idiots” for bundling or something to that effect and keep your prices up, when your website has Winds starting at 40.oo ?? What ?? and promote at 70.oo ? what what ??
Me thinks you are well versed at hypocrisy and truly full of yourself. You’re like the tough guy truck driver full of testosterone behind the CB radio but when he jumps out of the truck he’s really 5’1 tall with a penis to match…

It is a waste of time. I agree with you about the standardization part and a uniform form would be nice. I just picked the one that wold be accepted by everyone and modified it. Frankly, others can have the stand alone inspections for 40-75 bucks. I don’t start the Durango for that!

Anytime you are feeling froggy leap b i t c h.

my home address is easily located or we can meet anytime you are in my area.

You know nothing about my prices and when I leave this biz I’ll explain it to the dumb a s s es like you but I will not until I leave as to many will steal my ideas.

Till then f you. and Happy Holidays.

And by the way I am in the middle of offering help to a fellow inspector who has contacted me about this issue. I always help when asked. I likely help at least a couple of inspectors a month. How many do you help?

St Michael! Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Holiday season to you as well.
May this upcoming year be even more prosperous than the last for you and your family.