Commercial Buildings - Thermal Imaging Job

I have a possible client that wants me to do a Thermal Imaging Scan on two warehouses concerning their electrical systems. The square footage on one building is 29000 sq ft and 21000 sq ft.

My questions are…

  • What should I look for when doing a electrical inspection with IR.
  • How much should I charge for the project
  • Are there other resource that I can access to better educate myself before I meet with the client.
  • I already taken and passed the Infrared Thermography Inspection Training Course

Walter, before taking on something like this, you should consider taking the Level I & II courses from:



as well as:

Maybe you can get together with a Level II (minimum) thermographer and accompany them to see what is involved.

It is WAY MORE than InterNACHI provides. :smile:

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As a retired level lll I would highly recommend you not even consider this type of work until you are at least a level ll

As Charlie said, you should be at least a Level-II Thermographer to undertake this job. If it’s for insurance purposes, as most of these jobs are, the insurer will almost surely specify a Level-II minimum qualification. You absolutely, positively must have the appropriate electrical safety qualifications too (OSHA), not to mention insurance for commercial thermography.

As far as bidding commercial electrical inspections, the square footage doesn’t really matter very much. What matters is how much and what type of electrical equipment is in scope, whether you are documenting all equipment or exceptions only and who is providing the electrician(s) to strip and recover enclosures. I did one that required 800+ pages to document.