Commercial Class at training center in Colorado

Are there any plans for another commercial class at the training center in Colorado or out in the western part of the US?

Thanks Dan

Joe just did one on Friday in Wisconsin. I think 40 attended.


I want to bring it to Colorado.

Mr Gromicko… what say ye?

Joe and Nick did you talk about the Colorado training?

Joe, let’s do it in Feb, OK?

Excellent. I will also be in Ohio and Atlanta in February. Pick the weekend. I can also do day 2 for those interested in Certified Well Sampler.

[size=5]New Hampshire Seminar[/size]

**[size=3]December 08, 2007 **

**Hi to all! **
**I’m pleased to announce that once again Joe Farsetta came through for New Hampshire. **

On December 08, 2007 Joe traveled to New Hampshire to give an excellent presentation entitled “Certified Commercial Inspector”!

**This presentation was focused on dissecting and more importantly understanding ASTM 2018 -1. Joe was able to take each section of this nationally recognized standard and dissect it while explaining the true meaning of what you were reading. **

Many of us “thought” that we knew/understood this nationally recognized standard but after Joe finished explaining it we realized that it is extremely easy to misunderstand sections and to go astray.

We live in a litigious society and if you do not fully understand the national standards/guidelines that you must adhere to you will leave the door wide open for a lawsuit and soon find yourself at the mercy of anyone who wants to make a “quick buck” off if you!

I strongly recommend this course to those “experienced” Commercial Inspectors who all are already in the business and for those residential inspectors who want to further their education.

**Once again, kudos to Joe Farsetta for an excellent presentation and I highly recommend this course!:grin: **


Any idea on what weekend in Feb for the Colorado class?

Nick Can Joe join you in Edmonton on Jan 21
We can do the course on the 22.

If it is at all possible, I can do it.

I am scheduled to be in Dallas on the 19th and returning that evening or on the 20th.

Problem for me is no passport, so flying is out. I can drive from NY. Is this practical?