Commercial Flat Roof leaks

I found a beauty last evening at a State College. They hired me to locate the leak in their roof and

BINGO…The moisture intrusion stands right out.

Here’s some interior pics…


Sometimes they make it too easy for us…no tools required just senses :shock:

Nice find David.
I am excited going to help a friend find her barn roof leak. I’ll post it if found.

That looks scary to walk on…those are fun to write up!

The whole installation is crap…replace it :slight_smile:


Good job David!!!

Totally agree. Take heed, you new thermal imaging guys, lest you experience a BIG “fall from grace”!

IR is just a tool (Like my wife calls me, sometimes :mrgreen: ), not the “be all and end all”. One mustn’t check their brain at the door, just because you have an IR camera.

Hope this helps;

Good catch David. Congrats.

All I can say is …OHHHH MY GOD.

Whoever installed this roof should be in court (or shot) by the owner.

I see so many shoddy roofing material installations here in Massachusetts, it’s now becoming a daily occurrence. I wish the State heads would come up with some sort of standard to protect the consumers. I believe that every roof installed should get a stamp of approval from a home inspector. That’ll stop those damn fly by night installations.

Oh No!!! More government intervention in your lives. David, doesn’t someone quite near you have a state motto saying “Live Free or Die”. You’re too young to die!!!

Yes, NH residents do live by that motto…

I’m just simply getting sick and tired of seeing homeowners getting screwed by (the so-called) professional roofers, and they don’t even know they got taken by the roofers until they go to sell their house and get me in there. It’s a daily occurrence and I feel bad for these innocent homeowners.

I too feel for screwed consumers but many make their own bed by trying to “low ball” or DIY, then blame others, all repairs and not willing to pay for pre-purchase or pre-listing inspections of their own.

Just finished one yesterday where the client had a second story master suite and home office added onto his 1923 single story home. It’s been a year long project that I had the pleasure of doing 6-Phase on.

Yeah, his total fees were a few Grand more but he’s assured besides Green Tags and CO the job was done RIGHT.

I need to understand my position. Nothing personal about this profession. Just reporting the facts and leave it at that. When/if it becomes personal I’ve probably overstepped the boundaries and my superhero EGO, I can fix this for you, has taken over. Bad place for me to allow myself to go because that is not what I was hired to do.

Yes they do Brian.
They all moved there from Massachusetts! :slight_smile:
Ask Peter and Alan Russell.

I moved from there to TN to be G D Yank!
(That’s a Yank that moves in and won’t leave. )

Just kidding David V.!

Not a problem, Dave A. It’s no big deal to me.

I do not have thin skin and (trust me), I’ve heard all the yankee jokes through traveling most of my life.

Nice work Dave… IR to the rescue…