Jumping ship

One of the inquiries I have received about avoiding the restrictions of the proposed Home Inspector License rules.

Any of the Division 1 Licenses should help with the restrictions on Home inspectors. If you plan to do commercial I would recommend becoming Building or General. If you have a ability, I would work towards State Certified and skip the County Registered. County Registered restricts the counties you can work in.

Hope that helps

Good Luck it is on hell of a Test. Go for general if you can qualify as it allows you to do the most in the event you change your mind or wish to take a position with some other company. It will increase your worth to and future employees.

I also suggest staying at or near the location of the test so you do not have to deal with traffic and can have a good breakfast and crap before the test :slight_smile: Worked for me.

The best thing I ever did as a professional inspector was get my CGC.

The more professional inspectors who get a Division 1 license the better it will be for the industry as a whole. The whole process can be difficult, and life altering.

Are you up to the challenge?

If anyone is serious about this and has some real and verifiable contruction experience. PM me and I will give you some good advice as to how to get started.

You do not want to go at this willy nilly. It could take you twice as long, and you may never get the license.

Why bother, there are enough failed Florida GC’s out there that you can easily rent a license. :roll:

Are you saying that since I have a CRC that it isn’t going to be of any help ?
Or that it isn’t going to help me if I decide to do commercial ?
Just asking .


PS: I was one of the grandfathered in inspectors.

Based on the current political climate. I would assume that if you are planning on performing commercial inspections, you may wish to have a division 1 licenses that allows for commercial construction. A cgc or cbc.

In fact, I’m surprised that has not already been initiated by the State. There is no commercial inspector license.

The will not let a crc work commercial. Under that same logic, why would the state let an HI inspect a commercial building that a residential contractor can’t build?

For that matter, a CRC or RR can not fill-out a MIT II/II either.

I understand your position and thought process. As a libertarian and for the sake of discussion, the argument is lost before any debate when you assume that “they” (meaning the state) would have to “let” a person do anything. As a once “free people”, we should be able to do whatever we want (in this case- commercial inspections) as long as the parties come to an agreement.

Steve, save it. I was responding directly to Roy’s question about his crc license and how he may want to position himself with regards to commercial inspections. I was not attempting to a push any agenda or philosophy on anyone.