Commercial inspection pricing

Was looking for some feedback on pricing for a 9000 sq ft commercial building. It was formerly a nightclub …dance floor …billiards w/ bar. It has been closed for a year or so. This a pre listing inspection. Was wondering also what kind of documents you would think would be important to ask for if any…also does anyone have a formal commercial proposal I might present with…thanks in advance to all that respond.

commercial bar insp.jpg

commercial bar insp.jpg

comercial bar insp2.jpg

Hi Chris,

Most commercial inspectors will use the ASTM 2018 standard. NACHI does have a commercial sop and commercial agreements. Just browse this site.

Unfortunately there is a lot to explain and too many variables to explain and I’m not a huge fan of typing :frowning:

It depends on what the scope of inspection the buyer would like. Most often its just the major system and components.

Commercial is much, much different than residential, including agreements and sop.

Hope that helps some.

Ray,Sent you a private message…thanks for the reply…Chris

Chris, check your email.

Nice… thank you