Commercial Inspections in Indiana, questions..

I cannot find any information on Indiana’s requirements for commercial inspections. Does anybody know if licensing and/or certification is even required in this state?

I would love to tap into this resource for my business, and would appreciate any info or Indiana specific advice anybody may have here.

I took the NACHI commercial training program, and plan to do the advanced training programs also, but for what its worth I also have 20 years experience maintaining Industrial buildings and utilities, 480 3-phase and NFPA70E training, and I’ve been involved with the contracting of EIFS replacement, flat roofs, industrial HVAC, and fire control systems quite a bit through the years so I’m not just a home inspector trying to get into this with no other qualifications and I really think this would be a great expansion for me (but I’d have to change my business name).

Thanks in advance!

Your well on your way. Call me any day m-f, between 10-3. Let’s see if I can be of help to you.

Thank you!

I’ve had some really good conversations with Mr. Bowman and some of his colleagues, and while I haven’t followed through with everything we discussed yet, due to being so swamped with work ever since March kicked things into high gear, I have had the opportunity to do some commercial work.

My most recent was a brick building built in 1906, 30 feet tall with parapet walls all the way around the top, 4 apartments and a store front. It had no roof access. The bid my wife gave was $1,150.00, she’s real good at selling our services, much better than me. Client was surprised as he already had two other bids for $800 and $900, and we were the 3rd and final quote he had set out to get. She asked if those bids included a roof inspection, because Chris (me) had already looked into it and there is no roof access for the building and therefore our bid includes a 50 foot aerial lift rental including pickup and return ($150.00). Half hour later he called us back and booked it!

Anyway had to share,

None required by your state.

Come to my free commercial class:

I actually would love to, and I would in a heartbeat, except I already a another trip booked that same week. Any chance you’ll have another at a later date?