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Have been doing home inspections for about 6 months now…and got opportunity for first commercial Inspection…office spaces and MFG facility…
I have no idea what to charge…(?)…
Need the going rates for commercial work in California…central coast…
Rates equal to Santa Barbara, Santa Maria…San Jose…those would be compatable markets to mine…
Building is only 16 yrs old and has had a single tenent until recently…
owner wants to upgrade facility as lease expires and up rent, or have tenent
pay the upgrades…
Any clue would be appreciated…would like to get more into this type of work.
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Size and configuration?


You may need more than an idea of what to charge.

Commercial/industrial inspections are a different animal than homes.

Some charge per sq. ft. and some charge by the hour.

Many follow ANSI Standard #E2018-01.

Have you thought about a class designed specifically for this?

I’m sure others will chime in.

Hope this helps.

100,000 sq ft…single story…going by building tomorrow to take a look…don’t know much more than that at this time

Yes…am aware about differences…was a builder for 30 years before getting into this…have built commercial and residential also…a class on this would be a great idea…hey nick…you listening…

Charging depends on many factors. $ .10/sq. ft. has been tossed around on this board or $70./hr. min $400.

I guess it really boils down to what you agree on to be inspected.


It is very important to clearly define the scope of the inspection.

I usually charge .12 to .17 per SF for a commercial inspection that is part of a Real Estate transaction (buy / sell) and do it just like a regular home inspection (SOP, report, etc). Punch list for condo hand over to a condo association is somewhat less. I don’t do reserve calculations (but am learning) and sub out specifics (structure, plumbing, electrical, etc. at cost).

In California it’ll go for .12 - .15 cents per foot ($12,000.00 Minimum). I normally figure I can inspect about 15,000’sf per day, so it’ll take about a week to complete. I bring in a commercial electrician to go through all the switching equipment, panels and distribution systems. I also bring in a commerical HVAC Contractor to run test all the roof mounted combination units and or cooling towers, I have them price out various options for component replacement and or full unit replacement so the new owner can plan ahead. Finally I bring in a commercial roofing contractor to do their thing. If the structure is a concrete tilt up, I don’t worry about termites. If it’s wood framed, I’ll make arrangements for a termite inspection as well. I look at everything else. I normally take about 80-100 photos per 10,000’sf of structure. I’d plan on about $3500-$4000 in subcontractor cost, leaving you about $8000 for a weeks work. I normally work commercial 9AM to 5PM, 7 days per week till we’re done.

I would be glad to assist you in your proposal and inspection if you need assistance. We have done commercial inspections and have taken ITA’s Commercial Properties Inspection course. We would of course charge a nominal fee for our services but if you have never bid on or completed a commercial inspection it would be worth the $$$.

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