Rates for inspection

I got asked to inspect a 7 unit building. Would I charge per unit or as a whole? Just a regular inspection. No extras.

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I would do 1 large building and 7 condo-ish units for pricing.

When I retired, my smallest condo price was $475.00.

It really depends on your area, Chad.


In Pittsburgh area. Still new to working out my prices. So in your opinion what should I charge?

I appreciate your feedback

You are crossing into the realm of Commercial properties.
Do you have insurance to cover commercial property inspections?

Just curious as you are a new inspector…
‘Who’ is asking you about this inspection? How did they find you? Do you have a website?
I ask because there are many companies out there that prey on new inspectors to pay a pittance for inspecting large properties.


I do have commercial insurance. I came across a real estate group asking for an inspection.

Around here I would charge about $4,800.00 to $5,500.00 without more info to help calculate.


Only other info I have is sq ft. Thats 6190

How can you price it without more info e.g. basement/slab/crawlspace, 2 story/1 story, available to enter all units on one day?, # of heating/cooling systems/water heaters?, etc., etc., etc.


I charge a total fee based on both. So much for the exterior of the building in general and so much for each unit.

And as Larry said you need more info. Do they have individual HVAC units, individual electrical panels. Or do they share some of these utilities?


Just by the 1 photo I have. It has individual basements and individual meters. Basically 7 separate apartments

What is your scope of work? Parking, grounds, storm water, utilities, fire suppression, ADA abbreviated survey, etc. etc.? Then consider year built, roof access, foundation.

6,000 sq ft is not that big (except for the crawl). At this point, I would charge what I think it would take me in hours to inspect and produce the report x$100 per hour. I personally would probably have nearly 20 hours in a full inspection and report. It might be cheap ($2000) but it would likely get you the job and you won’t lose money.


I charge $200 per unit. I have an 8plex next week and I just bid a 22 unit apartment complex.