Commercial Inspector in New York

I was wondering if anyone can help me with some information regarding being a commercial inspector in New York. I took the commercial inspector course on Nachi does that qualify me too perform commercial inspections or do I need to take another exam.

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No you may not do commercial inspections look at

Thanks Scott

What do you mean? You can do commercial inspections. You can’t do commercial code inspections, but for a real estate transaction, etc. go for it all day long. NY regulates buildings for real estate transactions up to 4 residential units, after that it is anyone’s game.

Scott is incorrect. You can do commercial inspections in NY. NY doesn’t regulate commercial inspections.

Nick on curiosity, is there any state that regulates commercial inspections?

There are two states (TX and NC) that have voiced that they have jurisdiction (legislative authority) to regulate commercial inspectors, even though they don’t currently regulate them (don’t issue licenses or anything).

Generally, states stay out of B2B services (which is what most commercial inspections are). In other words, if a businessman wishes to hire another businessman to perform a service, the states, for the most part, don’t view that transaction as one needing consumer protection regulation.

If I can be of any help, feel free to call me any time between 10-3, m-f. I’mlooking for some inspectors in N.Y. and other states and am offering free membership with NACBI for those that qualify.