Help, I need a commercial (only) inspection reporting software

I’m locked into using our franchise proprietary software for residential inspections. That’s fine. But the franchise has nothing for commercial inspections.

I need to use some type of software to make report writing less painful. Anyone know of a commercial-only inspections software product? Barring that, a really nice fillable report for commercial? Any ideas will help. Using this Word template is killing me.


Most of the programs allow you to make your own template.
What software are you currently using?

There is no software dedicated to Commercial as far as I know. A QUALITY software program like HIP or HG allow you to fully customize your report to suit your needs, but it is all up to YOU and the work you are willing to invest to make it what you want/need.


Our proprietary franchise software.

HG has some commercial templates.

HIP has nice customizable commercial templates as well. I’m doing my 1st commercial inspection tomorrow. It took me about 10 minutes to dial it in to have the look and feel of my residential reports, but with the categories of a commercial inspection.

Define “commercial”… examples of types of structures HG has templates for?

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Jeff you know I own HIP but still use Report Host. I used Report Host for a commercial job 2 weeks ago and it was a good looking report.

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Yes, I also have multiple softwares, and none of them are dedicated to commercial. In fact, none of them are commercial based at all. All templates are built by the users, to their own unique needs, and types of structures. None of the ones I have seen even come close to my style of reporting and are totally useless for my needs. When I talk “commercial”, I’m not talking about 4+ unit apartment bldgs or such, I am referring to commercial retail, food establishments, manufacturing, warehousing, industrial, agricultural, etc.

I create my commercial sections with HIP on the fly and insert PDF attachments with OM information every week. HIP is the most customizable there is and not a sellout. Not owned by any third party spys.

These pillartopost companies do commercial work. Call them to see if they will share their template. Also, call your franchise main office, I am sure they know others that offer commercial work.

Home Page - Pillar To Post Home Inspectors
Home Page - Pillar To Post Home Inspectors

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I’ve got the skeleton of a really comprehensive commercial template built in HIP, meaning the headings and sub-headings, but need to find time to write the narratives, since I’m still trying to complete the Spectora and Home Inspector Tech templates.
Like everyone else has said, Most software will let anyone create a commercial (or any other) template, but the commercial templates that are supplied when you buy any software are very basic, since that’s not really what software manufacturers do! I’m guessing mine will be ready sometime this fall. Hopefully, software companies will improve their library conversion programs some by then so that there’s a little less cleanup.
Here’s a preview of the roof section:



It’s bare bones.


Kenton… curious what your status is on this project??

How do you present “opinions of probable cost”?

Do you have a software that will allow you to insert an excel file or .pdf?

I use HG for my commercial inspections, but adding costs looks like crap. Therefore, I often add an attachment as a separate file. I want to improve this presentation.

Hey Jeff,
I had to stop work on it work on it for about 6 months.
Man… it is sloooow going, but I’m a LOT further along than that now. Also, I switched to HG but will be converting to an HIP version as soon as it’s complete. Here’s a few (Table of Contents) examples of what I’m working on and the detail. I actually have considerably more new commercial content than this, but I’m only part way through going through the residential narratives that can be easily converted to be relevant to commercial.
I’m creating a Master Library from which can be created custom templates for apartment buildings, hotels, office buildings, warehouses, etc. (for example I had to edit, duplicate and edit to create hotel bathrooms sections to office building restrooms, including the terminology and different components).
I’m trying to figure out whether to create each of these myself or just offer the master list and let individual inspectors create what they want. The options will be available to create Baseline Property Condition Assessments or commercial inspections.
So… the following is just the HG Global list of narratives. It’s not organized into what an inspector would see if he were performing an inspection. It’s just a big, long-ass list of narratives organized as best as I can for transfer into HG’s local list, which I still have to create along with the Styles And Materials, if I choose to do that. Then I have to go through and proof it all. Then, since I never did commercial, it’s a learn-as-you-go project that I’ll have to have vetted, since I can’t get users sued. I see mistakes in just what I’ve posted here. All the -QC stuff is going away. So… you can see why it’s taking a while.


That is an awesome list and project you have going! Is this something you plan on providing for a fee? If so I’d definitely be interested.

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Nice job so far Kenton! I absolutely agree on the slow going. Unlike residential, there are so many different narratives needed, not to mention all the different template formats! Seems I am constantly tweaking something or other on every job which wastes a huge amount of time, but is necessary. Probably why nobody has ever come up with a true Commercial Report software that I know of. I recall Keith Swift was working on one a while back, but have no idea whatever came about with it.
I can’t wait to see what you come up with for a final product.

A quick Google Books search located this by Keith from 2018: A Practical Guide to Residential & Commercial Building Inspections - Keith Swift, PhD - Google Books



I rarely include a “Cost to Cure” or “Opinions of Probable Cost” with my reports. They are very time consuming and vary wildly with locations as close as 50 miles apart. (most of my Commercial jobs fall within a 300 mile range). In fact, I do not specifically inquire if a client even wants one anymore. I have a couple of long-term investor clients that request a basic CTC, but that is about once a year or two. A handful of years ago, I had a client request an indepth, detailed report, but I decided what they wanted was too risky for me to handle, so I referred it off to someone more qualified. He is now retired and no longer doing these reports.
The few CTC that I research and write nowadays, I simply create a seperate Word Document with the basic info my client needs, and include it as an attachment to my report.


It is something I’ll sell, Kyle. It’s be part of the InterNACHI Narrative Library that I currently sell. I haven’t decided on a price yet. I’ll be posting on here (but probably in the commercial section) when it’s ready.

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