Help, I need a commercial (only) inspection reporting software

(Laura A. Ward) #1

I’m locked into using our franchise proprietary software for residential inspections. That’s fine. But the franchise has nothing for commercial inspections.

I need to use some type of software to make report writing less painful. Anyone know of a commercial-only inspections software product? Barring that, a really nice fillable report for commercial? Any ideas will help. Using this Word template is killing me.


(John Harrison, CMI) #2

Most of the programs allow you to make your own template.
What software are you currently using?

(Jeffrey R. Jonas) #3

There is no software dedicated to Commercial as far as I know. A QUALITY software program like HIP or HG allow you to fully customize your report to suit your needs, but it is all up to YOU and the work you are willing to invest to make it what you want/need.

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(Laura A. Ward) #4

Our proprietary franchise software.

(Frank Rotte, , CPI, San Diego Home Inspector) #5

HG has some commercial templates.

(Steve Nadeau) #6

HIP has nice customizable commercial templates as well. I’m doing my 1st commercial inspection tomorrow. It took me about 10 minutes to dial it in to have the look and feel of my residential reports, but with the categories of a commercial inspection.

(Jeffrey R. Jonas) #7

Define “commercial”… examples of types of structures HG has templates for?

(Paul Lesieur, CMI) #8

Jeff you know I own HIP but still use Report Host. I used Report Host for a commercial job 2 weeks ago and it was a good looking report.

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(Jeffrey R. Jonas) #9

Yes, I also have multiple softwares, and none of them are dedicated to commercial. In fact, none of them are commercial based at all. All templates are built by the users, to their own unique needs, and types of structures. None of the ones I have seen even come close to my style of reporting and are totally useless for my needs. When I talk “commercial”, I’m not talking about 4+ unit apartment bldgs or such, I am referring to commercial retail, food establishments, manufacturing, warehousing, industrial, agricultural, etc.

(Bob Elliott, 450.0002662) #10

I create my commercial sections with HIP on the fly and insert PDF attachments with OM information every week. HIP is the most customizable there is and not a sellout. Not owned by any third party spys.

(Randy Mayo, P.E.) #11

These pillartopost companies do commercial work. Call them to see if they will share their template. Also, call your franchise main office, I am sure they know others that offer commercial work.

Home Page - Pillar To Post Home Inspectors
Home Page - Pillar To Post Home Inspectors

(Kenton Shepard, CMI) #12

I’ve got the skeleton of a really comprehensive commercial template built in HIP, meaning the headings and sub-headings, but need to find time to write the narratives, since I’m still trying to complete the Spectora and Home Inspector Tech templates.
Like everyone else has said, Most software will let anyone create a commercial (or any other) template, but the commercial templates that are supplied when you buy any software are very basic, since that’s not really what software manufacturers do! I’m guessing mine will be ready sometime this fall. Hopefully, software companies will improve their library conversion programs some by then so that there’s a little less cleanup.
Here’s a preview of the roof section:


(Frank Rotte, , CPI, San Diego Home Inspector) #13

It’s bare bones.