Commercial Roof Inspection

Does anyone have a form for a commercial roof inspection that they wouldn’t mind sharing? I just landed my first one, and I’m trying to build my own form, but I’m afraid I’ll miss something.

Thanks in advance!

Try this if it helps. :slight_smile:

Commercial Roof Inspection Form

Thanks Marcel a little time and I could adapt that to a template on HIP

That’s what it was meant to do, and I have to do the same, just don’t have enough time to do it. :mrgreen:

I will be getting a few weeks of recovery soon after my wife and I have surgery if I get it done I will post it. I have made templates for a couple of my most popular styles and this time may allow me to do several more.

Curtis, this may be more helpful to you here;

:)Thank you Sir

Great form, Marcel!

Curtis, if you ever get a HIP version done, I would appreciate a copy of the template . I think there is probably a market in my area for commercial roof inspections, if I could get time to market them.

my 2 cents take a roofer with you and let them inspect the roof for you…if you miss something it may come back to you…again just my 2 cents.

Thanks Marcel! This is a great form. I’ve gotten a lot of good advice on this topic. Thanks to all.