Citizens roof condition certificate

Does anyone have a copy of this form with an extra blank page to put in the two required photos they would share with me?
John Miller
PRP Home Inspections

Try PDF Fill you can make your own forms out of any pdf. It is very inexpensive. Let me know if you try it. It works great for me. You can save them print them or email them. If you get it I’ll send you my template. Email me any time by regular email.

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with click to insert pics!

Click the blank areas on page 2

Thanks John and Mike for your help !
John Miller
PRP Home Inspections

Your like a mini Santa in November with nails, pdf’s, awards and other good stuff.

Thanks John…and happy new year!

WOW!!!GREAT!! Thanks so much John! This will make my roof certs look professional!!

thanks again John!


wow if this same pdf was available for the 1802 form i think id just about die!!!..

Here you are sir… don’t die tho… that would be bad right before the holidays!:shock:

woohoooo!!! thank you Michelle!!! Your generositiy is greatly appreciated!!
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Hey James
NACHI…it is worth the price of admission even if it was twice the cost!
Its a great organization, but the members are even better!


John S et al:

Is there some kind of agreement between Citizens and NACHI that we as Lic Fl Home Inspectors CAN complete the Citizens Roof Inspection? The Citizens website does not authorize us as ‘qualified inspectors’? Can anyone shed some light on this? thanks…

You can fill out the form. The form has not been updated.

Thanks John. Frank has sent me the NEW Citizens Insp req.

Those who have sent their Wind Mit Certificate of Training and a copy of their HI licencse to Citizens at the web site noted on the Fl NACHI web site can performRoof Certifications inspections for Citizens.

What does wind mit training have to do with roof inspections??


As requested here is a roof form with a click to insert a signature image.

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Does Citizen’s require the roof condition form for mobile homes over 25 yrs?

Yes sir.