Roof Inspection Form help

Hello All. I hope this is the right place to post this question. I am sorta stuck on what to do and will appreciate any advice on this topic. I have a neighbor and would like to give them a roof inspection. I am a certified contractor for the state of Florida and my question is what form do I fill out for a roof inspection. I have found various inspection forms, for example, CIT RCF-1 09 12 and other forms. I have acrobat pro and my idea is to mimic the CIT RCF-1 09 12 form but with my logo on and company information on it. Once I create my form with a similar structure will this be accepted from their insurance provider? Is there a generic form that will cover this or do all inspectors create their own forms? I plan on getting software but at the moment I would like to create a pdf that allows me to manually fill out the information. Thank you for veiwing this and I appreciate any and all information shared :slight_smile:


Caleb, repost this on the message board Florida forum for a better response.

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What exactly are you being hired to do?

Does the client need a roof certificate (were they asked by their homeowner’s insurance agent)?
If so, just provide what they need, use the Citizens RCF, add your logo or not, it really won’t matter to the underwriter.

If you’re just doing a roof inspection, use whatever format you’d like. Most roofers provide way more useful info than the RCF form requires anyway.


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Thank you Kenton - this was my first post so I wasn’t sure where to put it. Thanks for the tip!

Thank you Dom for the information! I appreciate it and I will change the info on the citizens form to my liking. The H/O just wants a roof certificate - found this out earlier today after talking to them. I will change all forms to reflect my company. Thanks again!