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I havent been on here much except to read, hope I’m in the right area to ask this question. I’m considering getting into Commercial & am wondering if NACHI offers certification & where would be the best (& cheapest) to get training for it. I live about 100 miles past the “middle of Nowhere” in Wyoming. Closest possible commute would be Casper,WY or (Denver, CO 350 miles) for live training. Would prefer long distance like I did my Home Inspection course.
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Torrington, WY…

Hi TJ,

I do Commercial inspection training, and next year will be doing various locations around the country in conjunction with Porter Valleys Inspectvue Commercial product. I do not know of any online training in this area.

If you want feel free to call me to discuss



What’s the scoop on the Denver Commercial Center I saw in the ed center ? Is it being built ?

TJ - That “benefit” announcement appears to be about a year old and may very well be a shelved project, or wishful thinking. Only Nick knows for sure…

Here ya go TJ;

Kaplan - “ITA” Inspector Training Associates

Good Luck!

Thanx for the info,

We should have a new forum in the tech threads for Commercial Inspection


I think there are to many people consumed with Mold and other low paying ancillary services to spark an interest…:smiley:

Don’t make me start a poll, Dale.


OK…I give…:smiley: