We're going to do another 3-day commercial inspection course in New York next.

Details coming soon.

Free for NACHI members.

Oooh…now I have to pick whether I want to go to New York or Colorado!

Are you planning any in Seattle? Definitely a good location. :wink:

How about Florida?

Hey, what about NH, since we’re going to be first in the nation to require licensing of commercial inspectors!

oh now that’s a good thing,more government intrusion.

How about Texas?!

I’m with Wendy! Let’s hear it for Seattle! I’ll settle for CO & visiting my sister, you couldn’t get me to New York with a gun.

Seattle works better for me also.
It is only a day’s drive to get there.

Don’t worry Scott, I’ll be right behind you (just slightly to your left):cool: :cool: :cool:


Ohhh…ohh…ohhh pick me pick me:shock: :shock: :shock:


New york will be alot closer for me but what about Virginia nick.

Now you’re talking.

I think I’ll wait until the New York class takes place. It’s a bit closer than the Colorado course that is being developed as we speak.

I would go to brush up on commercial inspections.

I will attend this course instead of the Colorado course. NY is a bit closer to me :wink:


Okay. You got me to smile. :wink:

i will attend nyc instead of denver (altho i’ve never been to colorado)

I thought the NH motto was “Live free or gov’t interference or die.”

Since I’m in NY allready, sign me up. Will it be approved by NYS for continuing education credit?

to date there are no approved home inspector ce classes.
the only approvals to date are real estate ce credit or appraiser ce credit. NY has stated thaye will shortly issue applications for home inspector ce credit- nothing yet.