Composite Wood Shakes

I ran across these installed on a 18 year old home yesterday and we generally do not see them installed around here. Does anyone have information other than the “Tamko” site about these products?

Several smaller areas appeared to be delaminating (valley ends, eaves).
What would be a good sealer or patch to match the nice patina gray that they are now, gray silicone or is there another product for these?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Does anybody know if trex made these awhile ago?

Do you have any pictures, Michael?

Do they look like this? Because if they do, they have a bad reputation. I forget what they’re called but there was a thread about these about a year ago.

P1010028 - Copy.JPG

Yes Kenton, they are about 12" wide. I am finally getting access to the attic to see if we have leaks anywhere on Friday. I’ll keep you posted. I’ll try and find the older post. I am assuming they are problematic after thier half life.

Thank you.

there were two types a masonite producr 36" wide called Woodruff and a product that looks like yours called Cemwood that was recalled, just google it

They just did the reply to the inspection last evening. The majority of the roof is in really good shape. No leaks visible any where with infrared.

Ron, thank you for the information. I will certainly look into it.

Aside from some slight curling, the ones in the photo I posted were fine.

Here is what the roof looks like, I always add a picture of my hand to show texture on roof surfaces. The majority of it appears well to do. Just some areas at valley ends look a little gnarled.

Thank you all for your replies!!

I don’t know what that material is but it looks different from what’s in the photo I posted.

Kenton, they are 18 years old. The owner now said he remembers that the former owner said they were Trex made. I can’t find a resource to check.

I cant tell by the picture but it could be a james hardie product. I recently came across a 15 year old roof that was this product that was complete rubbish.