Please Identify Recalled roof shingles

Can anyone tell me the brand or where I can find any info on these recalled roof shingles. There made of a material like masonite.

never mind I got it. Woodruf masonite shingles

Since you’re on the West Coast, it could also be Cal-Shake, which is what it looks like to me.

It actually is in 12"X48" shingles. is cal-shake that size? I also found some photos of Woodruf too that match.

I’ve never had to identify it by size, so I don’t know. Here’s more information about the lawsuit:

A Masonite roofing material?

What the hell were they smoking when they designed those?

It doesn’t appears so:

Does this look like the same product? Very fibrous stuff. I posted photos when I first found it but didn’t hear back about a re-call.

fiber wood 1 - Copy (2).JPG

wood fiber 2 - Copy.JPG

yep, thats it, Its crapola. Again WTF were they thinking about installing a fiberous roofing material made of masonite???Hope the contracter got sued also. Any professional should see this coming. especially in 1996