Roof covering material

Found this installed on a roof today but can’t seem to find anything about it. Hopefully you can see from the pictures this is a composite and not rubber which I first thought. It is installed over the asphalt shingles(one layer and a flashing has been installed inbetween. Could not see any major issues with it but just don’t know what it is or how to age it. Did not walk the roof as it seems pretty fragile. Any help would be appreciated.





It looks like Woodruf Fiberboard Shingles, Greg.

Check here:

And here:

Larry’s right. It had a 15-year warranty. I’ve seen 2 roofs on CO, both in good shape and older than 15 years, but I think there was a big lawsuit.

I investigated them and that is exactly what they are. As per usual, my Nachi brothers came through. I’ve been around construction my entire life and have never seen them.

any more info on lawsuit ?

Class action long since settled, if I remember right.

Thank you, thought maybe info on a recall etc.

No one has produced them in North America for quite a while. Best to tell the client that there was a class action lawsuit, now closed, that the roof may need to be replaced soon, and evaluate the roof-covering material visually on an individual basis.

Thanks, that’s what i was looking for…another one to the RED file !